Sunday, April 3, 2011


Two lucky shots of spiders, and two cool spiders. I haven't seen the crab spider before. I'd probably have noticed, as I am enamored of the crab spiders of Hawaii.

I read something this morning about Kleptoparasite spiders. This spider resembles one of them. Doggone it! That was one of the PDFs I didn't bother to save or take notes on. I'm using a new system to take notes and save bibliographic information from Google Scholar Searches, using Org-mode, BibTeX, and Cb2bib. Should've.

It seems noteworthy that the web of the silver bodied spider (the putative kleptoparasite) was butted right up against the web of the Crab Spider.

The webs were above a clothesline outside our apartment. Taken using a Canon SD1100 IS, with CHDK hacked firmware.