Thursday, October 10, 2013

Caught in the Middle: retirement regression

UP TO HERE, these posts were originally published on  For reasons I have forgotten already, I want to move back to Blogger and (finger's crossed) use this blog for general posts. 

This will take awhile to organize. 

Meanwhile, the big news of today is that the CNMI Retirement checks are now much, much smaller, due to an "agreement" that includes the agreement of the CNMI Government to make payments to the retirement fund on it's amount arrears.  Strange, since it's been several years since the court judgement requiring the CNMI Government to pay the fund hundreds of millions of dollars, that was just ignored until this new agreement.  

This is an unhappy day.  One of the reasons I elected to work for several more years for the CNMI Public Schools was to improve my retirement position.  I know I am not the only one (in fact, a letter to the editor in one of the Saipan newspapers made this point). 

In the "Anywhere Else This Would Unfold Differently" department: I could not find any article in the Marianas Variety.  I verified that the amount deposited in my account accorded with the 25% reduction.