Sunday, March 2, 2014

Note to Management: Phycodnaviruses infect phytoplankton, potentially affect geochemical cycling and weather patterns.

Stumbling around this morning, ran across this article about newly discovered giant viruses, the Pandora Viruses. On Earthweek, 36 July 2013.

Further browsing, and I ran across this paper (pdf) identifying Pandora Viruses as Phycodnaviruses that infect phytoplankton.

N. Yutin and E. V. Koonin. Pandoraviruses are highly derived phycodnaviruses. DNA,
516302773:6, 2013.

Another paper provides a glimpse into Phycodnaviruses as tiny giants that rule the world.  
The Phycodnaviridae: The Story of How Tiny Giants Rule the World
Authors: W. H. Wilson, James L. Van Etten, M. J. Allen
[published on the Plant Pathology Commons.]

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