Friday, August 15, 2014

Favorite photos, on another one of my blogs

Some of my favorite photos taken with the Canon SD1100IS, using a Canon underwater housing.  They were taken on Saipan, and posted previously on my blog at 

The photos were specifically located here.  I want to annotate these shots, so they were copied to this more current blog.

I. Decalcified Bacculogypsina sphaerulata

The first photo is taken through my Zeiss microscope.  It is a decalcified foraminiferan, Bacculogypsina sp. Magnification unknown.

 II. Bacculogypsina sphaerulata 

in situ, at low tide, at Tangke Beach, Saipan.

These foraminiferans are known as Star Sand.  Some of the beaches on Saipan are made up of more than 90% star sand.  These are living organisms with symbiotic diatoms living within them.  (the photo above is one of these).

III and IV..  Boloceroides sp.


These swimming sea anemones were taken on the seagrass Halodule sp., on W. Saipan, near World Resort Hotel.  Another great secret gem of the shallow reef platform.  The first shot is an establishing shot, showing pretty much of the situation.  The second one is one of my favorites.  These were taken with the Canon in an underwater housing.  I believe I was using the CHDK firmware enhancement.  Those are my fingers.

 The second shot is one of my favorites, of the same critters.  

These anemones can sting pretty good.  They move around from site to site, I think.   For a while I would see many of them at a certain haunt, maybe for weeks or months.  Suddenly they are gone, but I see them elsewhere.  Great microscope subjects for classes.  These might even be the same photo.

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  1. Nice photos. I remembered all of these when I took your class, (Marine Biology) and when we did marine summer camp @ San Vicente Elem. Sch. in Saipan. Loved it.