Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Trying to read Ebooks is an unpleasant experience

We were standing in line for food, when I had the brilliant idea that I would check a book out to read on my "phone."   In the fortnight or so since, I have expended at least four hours trying to reach the bottom; trying to figure out why I have not been able to download and read this book.  Passwords are only part of the story, but a significant and most unpleasant part.

This is a LINk to an article exploring the difficulties involved in reading and checking out ebooks from libraries.  Should I bill the time I spent reading (or, better, skimming) this article to the publishers?  I am losing patience.  These companies, and not only these companies, believe it is their God-given right to harm the public if it needs to do so to preserve and protect their profit lines.  I am certain we have not gotten to the end of this trouble.   It depends on whether we roll over for these behemoths.

I reset my Overdrive password, in order to download a book to a phone.  Later, I was told that this book is checked out to me under a different (if I understand correctly) password, and I must log in using the forgotten password to remove it.   This may or may not actually be a faithful rendition of what happened, but to me, it is close enough to the truth that I don't know how to go about trying to understand it, and resolve it.

I have, in this period of about a fortnight, tried several more times to download that book, but I fear the cause is lost.  I did download another book.

I've looked at forums.  Ive tried various procedures.  I've read and followed instructions on websites.  This would all go away, if passwords and draconian IP schemes did not exist.

I know I'm not the only one.  When do we accuse the promulgators of these schemes of treason, in bringing down the common man and making him a criminal for wanting to read a book?  Why was printing invented originally?  To create a profit-making empire?  And when the scribes were put out of business, did they sue the printing press makers for loss of wealth?

And not the least am I offended when I learn that Overdrive (a conspiratory program involving Adobe) does not work with Linux except using a Windows emulator, Wine?  Am I the only one who is utterly incensed by the state our economy and culture have been coerced into, in the name of the good of commerce?

Even Presidents seem to exist to blow the horns of the corporations.

When my friends and family read this, I fear they will mock my position.  I am not being a good boy.  Just the same, I cannot read the same book unless I install a windows emulator to my superior system.

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