Sunday, August 9, 2015

Search: Pencil Point Protectors

In days of yore, metal pencil caps were found at an art supply store.  I want some.  Amazingly, like most truly useful things, they are not easy to find.  Today is not the first day I have enlisted Google to search for some, or some way to make them.  Here's a little of what I found.  Dick Blick's art supply has some, at least online.

  • Plastic Save-A-Point pencil caps.   These are all I found at Aaron Brothers.  They are crap.  Do not buy them unless you only sharpen pencils with a cheap plastic hand held sharpener.  The well sharpened point will protrude through the small hole at the point of the cap, and be easily broken off, or poke you.  
  • DIY Paper point protectors 
  • Jetpen has three or four varieties of point protectors
  • Maybe Dick Blicks would have metal ones
  • Plastic models (General Pencil?) at Aaron Brothers
  • I think there may be a design on thingaverse for 3D printers.



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